A PSU Farewell to Jilma Meneses

Author: Christian Aniciete

On October 24, Portland State University President Wiewel along with staff in his Executive Committee and staff in University Communications and Global Diversity and Inclusion coordinated a simple but special farewell for Jilma Meneses, PSU’s departing chief diversity officer.

The farewell featured light refreshments, remarks from President Wiewel and a round of acknowledgements for those in the room to recognize Jilma’s work and contributions to enhancing and improving diversity at PSU. Last September, PSU announced Jilma’s departure to become the chief operations officer at Concordia University in Portland, Oregon.

Thanks to Jilma’s four years of leadership, PSU unified several programs into the Office of Global Diversity & Inclusion with a goal of promoting and integrating diversity into all aspects of the university experience. As a result, PSU has increased minority student recruitment, which now composes nearly 30 percent of the student body, not including international students. Retention and graduation rates of minority students has increased as well as the hiring of 30 faculty of color in the last four years. In addition to creating the first-ever Diversity Action Plan with the Diversity Action Council, Jilma has made PSU a strong partner among organizations that serve minority communities.

I am so grateful for Jilma’s leadership and contributions towards advancing diversity on campus.


PSU President Wiewel recognizes Jilma Meneses’ work with a framed certificate of appreciation


Jilma Meneses, PSU’s departing chief diversity officer, receives a certificate of appreciation as well as a scholarship named in her honor to be awarded in 2015


Jilma Meneses stands next to her team in Global Diversity and Inclusion


Diversity Action Council co-chair Christian Aniciete presents Jilma Meneses with a bamboo plant as a token of appreciation on behalf of the council

What qualities do you think are important in the next chief diversity officer at PSU?