Many Great Proposals! (for the President’s Diversity Mini Grant)

President’s Diversity Mini Grant purpose is to promote a positive campus climate for diversity, support the development of diversity curriculum, enhance communications, and assist in the recruitment and retention of a diverse student body, faculty, staff, and administration. All Portland State University’s faculty, staff, and departments were invited to submit their proposal by the end of January. The subcommittee received 29 proposal and all were thoroughly reviewed. All were very inspirational and excellent. The amount of the award varies, depending on the nature of the project proposed and the number of meritorious applications received, we were able to fund 22 proposals.

“They were all great proposals and we would’ve liked to fund them all, but we are limited to what we can do,” mentioned Chief Diversity Officer Carmen Suarez. We can’t wait to see the progress of these proposals around campus. We hope to see you attend these events, workshops, training, etc. and we plan to follow up with you. Feel free to leave a comment on your perspective about these proposals.

There are many projects that were supported by the President Diversity Mini Grant, please check out the 2016 recipients and you can find them online:

Two Education Paradigms: What Defines and How to Create a World Class Education, Speaker Professor Yong Zhao, College of Education University of Oregon

Thank you for taking the time and putting yourself out there.
Please apply again next year.

By DAC Member: Marilyn Shawe