LGBTQIA & Community 

Queer Inquiry Workshop! “Workshops in the QuINQ series provide the basics of sexuality and gender concepts and vocabulary. Participants are invited to take part in interactive presentations illustrating how gender and sexuality are constructed, and leave with a basic understanding of issues surrounding the queer/LGBTQIA community and how those issues affect students” (PSU Queer Resource Center).

I highly recommend this workshop and give it the  DAC stamp of approval. This workshop explored many questions on – How to be an ally? How to talk to Peers?  How to find great resources? We learned new terminology ; a s well as, how to keep up with changes like language and culture-environment changes. For example, Language changes over time and we need to be able to keep understanding these changes. We also need to avoid making assumptions based on perceptions, learn more about LGBTQIA , and use terms that encompass all genders.

In our workshop, the participants (majority PSU Staff), were invited to take part of the conversation by interacting and engaging with one another multiple times.  This created a safe space to ask questions, to think out loud, and express one’s feelings. The presenters were very knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions. This made the workshop very comfortable with a sensitive topic.  We were able to share our experience, our challenges and our concerns. It is okay to lack the understanding of the topic; however, people need to have an open mind about individuality and self-identity.

We, as a whole campus, need to find the links between queer communities and importance of individuality. We need to serve to the campus community and be more aware. Lets support each other by respecting one another, using pronouns, being aware, and building relationship.  Education is the foundation of this campus. So Learn.

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By DAC Member: Marilyn Shawe